Sundry for Hire

Professional Services for Small Businesses

Connected Incongruities

Face it – sometimes you need a little help.

Perhaps you’re running behind on getting that presentation ready for the client and need someone to proof your slides while you’re still developing them. Or maybe you’ve got to have all your latest customer info in your CRM database immediately so you can build more business now, or could use some assistance bringing traffic to your online presence! Or you haven’t had a nibble on your resume in weeks and want to give it more punch. Are you delivering on time, on budget, and to your clients' satisfaction? Maybe you could use some assistance preparing for that special event!

Have you ever met someone who complained about having too much time? Didn’t think so.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some help tackling the little tasks, so you’re free to focus on the real business, but without the overhead and cost of hiring permanent staff?

Sundry For Hire thinks so too, and providing that extra, low-hassle support is what we do. 


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